Monticello Creek Watershed Restoration Plan

Location: Redmond, WA

OCI is the prime consultant leading a multi-disciplinary team for the City of Redmond’s Monticello Creek Watershed Restoration Plan. Services include: documenting existing watershed deficiencies; documenting potential future issues associated with development or anticipated surface and stormwater changes in the region or watershed; and, identifying, ranking and preparing conceptual designs for stormwater repair, retrofit,  in-stream, and new facilities projects that will restore overall stream health. In 2013, Redmond’s City Council adopted a Watershed Management Plan and selected Monticello Creek as a priority watershed for restoration. OCI’s team worked collaboratively with the City to develop a Public Involvement Plan to solicit feedback from the community, including both online and in-person open houses that provide opportunities for comments from neighbors and stakeholders. Following the public involvement phase of the project, OCI will develop designs for three selected projects to a pre-design level as required by the Washington Department of Ecology grant funding.

Stormwater Management

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Services List
  • Capital improvement planning and implementation
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Floodplain analysis and mapping
  • Watershed and basin modeling and planning
  • Site plan development
  • Comprehensive plan update
  • Storm and surface water system pipeline design
  • Flood reduction
Service Contact
Laura Ruppert, PE
Vice President of Engineering / Senior Project Manager

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